Wednesday, September 2, 2015

8-2-15 Crecent Lake, Plainville CT

On a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, daddy found a place to picnic and hike. Who knew such a place existed and not far from where I haled as a child. Mom and dad did you know this was about 1-2 mile from Tomlinson Ave?

First stop, must eat lunch! We were soooo hungry!
Not a bad view for lunch, right?!

Water color effect on the camera.

Uhm! Where's Merick's head?
Stopping off for a view. This hike was a really nice walk around the lake. Not too hilly except for one end.

Cool bridge.

Stinking cute!

It felt like a secret passage way.

Proof that I went.

Calling all ducks!

I could stand looking at this view alllll day! It was so peaceful!

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  1. Did not know about this. Life was hectic on Tomlinson ave. 5 people crammed into an apartment and then another one on the way. Loud and violent behavior from the tenants below us. A living hell. Did not have much time for anything but now we do. Thanks for the tip.