Wednesday, September 2, 2015

7-24-15 Rocky Neck State Park and Devil's Hopyard

Heidi, Johnathon, and the girls were still visiting so we decided to go to the beach first.

A little shade bathing to start off the day!

Next onto Devil's Hopyard.
Merick's rock skipping lesson.
Choosing the proper rock!
Letting it fly!
The covered bridge trail.
 If you actually want to get to the falls this is not the trail to take. Walk across the field at the end of the parking lot and take the stairs to get to the falls. We took the bridge trail first and then had to go back around. At least it wasn't too long.

Uncle Earl found a cool looking moth. (see below)

We found another bridge!

They said bridges are for grannies and took the path less traveled by.

They just had to see what was up there. Haha! Nothing and they had to come back down.

We finally made it to the falls! Too bad there is people in them.
Tribal council by the falls. I think they were trying to decide on which one could convince us to let them swim.
Well we had a fun and busy day so it was time to go back to grandma and papa's house for some nourishment!

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  1. "Bridges are for grannies." I resemble that remark. lol