Sunday, August 23, 2015

7-21-15 Hubbard Park/ Hubbline Tower

My sister is visiting from Indiana and had her girls with her, so we hit the trail together. I was hot and muggy but we made it.
At the lake at the beginning.

Merick picked up a walking stick. Hahaha!

We needed a break to eat some wild raspberries. We forgot the water.

Cave exploration!

We made it to the top!
Time to climb the tower.

Proof Uncle Johnathon drove up in the car. He did climb the tower though.

Views from the top of the tower.

Just take the picture will you. We are hot!

*I forgot to mention that this was the girls first real hike. After about 15 minuets they said that this was enough excitement for one day. I'm pretty sure the word lame came into play as well. Haha!*

Thursday, August 20, 2015

7-11-15 3rd Trip. Topsmead State Forrest and Kent Falls State Park

Playing a little catch up on the posts, sorry.

Today the weather is gorgeous and we had dad with us so we decided on a double adventure! Our first stop, Topsmead State Forrest in Litchfield. Wow!!!! What a beautiful and quiet place to visit. The small summer home on the property is open for free tours every 2nd and 4th weekend through the summer. So we had perfect timing. We also hit up a letterbox while we were there, fun!

First things first, a little nourishment for the hike!

The kids had to go check out the well.

The beautiful cottage.

Flower garden off the living room.

Back view of the home.

Hey! My mom has a chair like this.

Comfy beds, right?

Spacious work sink area, not so much. Beautiful though!

View from the dinning room window.

Front of house from the driveway.

Off to the nature trail. I already see some wildlife.

Seriously? They found a bug, haha!

Merick trying to hear if horses are coming by listening to the grass.

Cutest wildlife ever!

Nice flat walking trail for those that can't hike. It's quiet and sunny.

They had to stop to chew on some grass to feel like they fit in with the times of old.

Ugh! A picture of my backside.

Found the letterbox this time!

Trail around the pond.

Next stop Kent Falls State Park.

There are signs all over saying no entry in the water. Kind of annoying that people don't respect that.

Tough climb up to the top.

ON our way down we took the trail on the other side of the falls. The boys did a little par core.

Tada! We are done for the day and very tired.