Sunday, August 23, 2015

7-21-15 Hubbard Park/ Hubbline Tower

My sister is visiting from Indiana and had her girls with her, so we hit the trail together. I was hot and muggy but we made it.
At the lake at the beginning.

Merick picked up a walking stick. Hahaha!

We needed a break to eat some wild raspberries. We forgot the water.

Cave exploration!

We made it to the top!
Time to climb the tower.

Proof Uncle Johnathon drove up in the car. He did climb the tower though.

Views from the top of the tower.

Just take the picture will you. We are hot!

*I forgot to mention that this was the girls first real hike. After about 15 minuets they said that this was enough excitement for one day. I'm pretty sure the word lame came into play as well. Haha!*

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