Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Start of Something New!!!!

Hey Everyone!
My name is Tanya. I'm not much of a writer or even a hiker but I thought I'd start this blog to help inspire others to get up and start moving! Okay so I really wanted motivation for myself and my three amazing kids!

When I was a kid my parents would take us all over creation and rest assure there would be a hike involved or jumping rocks in the river. We had fun because we were with family! Not because our parents ( I have 3 siblings) spent a ton of money and got us fancy things or took us to expensive museums and amusement parks, but because we knew we were loved and we were together. To this day, spending time together as a family is what we do best!
Me on the left with my 2 sisters.

So I grew up and met this man who LOVES to be in the woods. He doesn't care what he's there for he just loves being there. We fell in love, got married, and went camping in the woods with no tent for one weekend of our honeymoon. His idea, not mine I'd have to admit I don't love the woods that much!

Our outdoor backyard wedding reception June 2002.

We couldn't wait to have children so we didn't We had our 1st child shortly after our 2nd wedding anniversary. This amazing boy who is super smart and loves the outdoors just as much as his father.

Merick just before turning 3 atop Mt. Major, NH. Yup! he climbed himself. (fake magazine cover)
I didn't go on the above hike because I was less than a month away from having our 3rd child. Before I get to that though we had our daughter Sahara. She's beautiful outside and in. She's the most amazing helper and loves her brothers and parents dearly.

Sahara about 4 years old visiting lighthouses with grandma and great-grandpa.
Last but certainly not least but very special in his own way is Orion. There is 3years and 2 weeks between him and Merick, so as you can see we couldn't wait to have a family. Orion's very name means dweller on the mountain and was named that because of daddy loving it out there so much! He's a little runt but man can he move like lightening not only when running but when he puts his dance moves on!

Orion at about 4 years old. Told you he's a pip.
So we finished having kids but sadly I kept growing and lost my love of hiking due to back and knee pain. My husband and kids have spent many hours camping and hiking and orienteering all the while I sat home alone growing.
Well I'm TIRED of it! I'm tired of being tired and most of all I'm tired of growing. So help me, help me and my kids HIKE OUR WAY.......
1) Through the CT State Parks!
2) Back to Health!
3) Back to thin!

Here's how you can help: Get out there and hike. We want to see everyone on the trails this summer! Say hello to us and get to know us and in turn we you! We will not tell you where we are for the day but if you are 1 of the 1st 5 people to find us ( I have to be in the group) when we are on the trail then you will get a small prize from us. A token of thanks for helping us get healthy! We will also carry a small notebook with us that we would love for you to sign so we can continue to encourage one another. We will update this blog with pictures and stories from our adventures so please check in often and see how we are doing!

Comments are welcome and please share your stories, we'd love to hear from you!

LaVallee Mom and kids

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